Robert Egan aka Nostra-BOB-us is one of the World's
foremost experts on Nostradamus' quatrians and
predictions. This exciting website has up to date
research and theories on the meanings of the quatrains
and intepretations of past, current and future events.Bobis on "The Voice of Dissent" and Shady Pine Internet Radio. For more information, go to: WWW.LEVYMULTIMEDIA.COM. Bob's website is at: WWW.NOSTRABOBUS.COM


Robert Ghostwolf is one of the most respected figures in the new age community. He is a revered Native American elder, author, shaman and prophet. His books and his writings have brought many of the Native American prophecies and predictions for the future to all the races of the world.



Dr. Fred Bell is truly one of the great scientic minds of the planet today. Initially a boy genious, who has worked in every aspect of the aerospace industry, hebecame a Pleiadian contactee in the 1970's. His books, the Death of Ignorance and Rays of Truth, Crystals of Light, are now considered classics in the new science/metaphysical genre. His products include the amazing Nuclear Receptor and pyramid systems for homes and businesses that increase productivity, sprituality and psychic protection.

Follow the amazing story of Douglas Taylor on his fascinating journey of spiritual awakening as he struggles to overcome his personal blocks & limitations. His own higher abilities blossomed when he least expected,producing the many inspired articles & sixty full color paintings depicted in this 8.5 x11 inch book. Facing many of his fears & insecurities Douglas relates how he was touched by the Angels and changed forever. Soulic Journeys describes a step by step process anyone can use to become inspired and empowered through creative living.

On this website discover exciting books, tapes, seminars, tours, retreats, and artwork for intuition
and spiritual development. Learn to meditate and contact the divine presence within you. In this time
of worldwide terror, fear, and crisis, you can find solace and comfort within your own heart of hearts.