Spiritual Remote Viewing" ("SRV") is the systematic activation of the energy fields and centers of the chakra system, coupled with expanding ones connection to the universal love vibration. This opens the way to techniques that connect one to the Sovereign Integral of the God Force, allowing one to view any person, place, thing or event in time and space, in a universe of all wisdom, all knowledge and all desired information.

Spiritual Remote Viewing is a set of practices specifically designed for healing, wisdom, personal growth, learning and enhancement. In spirit and practice, it is the direct opposite of the military expropriation of this virtually all-powerful mental technology. Far from using these powers for death and destruction, SRV dedicates their use to the betterment of conditions for all living beings. For this reason, experience in a spiritual discipline such as meditation gives one a running start in learning SRV, as well as providing an entry-way into its perspective of peace and compassion.

LEARNING TO REMOTE VIEW with Sean David Morton©

Joe McMoneagle, one of America1s top military remote viewers, has written a best-selling book called 3Remote Viewing Secrets2 in which he states that before you start learning remote viewing, you should be well versed in Zen. He says that it1s important to build a strong foundation based on relaxation and meditation, and then to build the house on top of that foundation. You'll be a better remote viewer if you have a strong spiritual base of practice.

McMoneagle goes on to say, Zen meditation brings a strong emphasis on the mental and spiritual state of the practitioner. The rationalizing and calculating functions of the mind are suspended so that the mind and body can react immediately and in unison to outside influence.... one learns to be an empty vessel, within which ideas can form that are relevant to an unknown location, event, object, person, or concept.

In the very beginning of the formal program of remote viewing, when the first military viewers began their training, they were all required to attend the Monroe Institute in Virginia for several weeks to learn how to meditate using a system called HemiSync, which was designed to synchronize the electrical waves in both hemispheres of the brain. Eventually, the government did away with the required meditation training --but that's the way the program began, and that1s the way Sean still believes it should be done.

Thats why, in Seans workshop, the first part of the day is devoted to learning basic meditation techniques, learning how to empty the vessel, and then to expand it, so that it can become a sensitive receiver of information. Sean will show you how to build a strong foundation in the depths of your own consciousness, and then proceed from there to build the house of remote viewing techniques. These techniques include Spiritual Remote Viewing (based on Coordinate Remote Viewing) and Associative Remote Viewing, which is the method used for making binary decisions and predicting the outcome of a Random Number Generator - or simply winning at games of chance, like roulette.

The bottom line is: if you learn the basics of meditation in the beginning, you will find it much easier to remote view!


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