The Newsletter You Have to Have Today to Find Out About Tomorrow

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The Delphi Associates Newsletter was first published in March 1993. It has gone through some cosmetic changes, yet remains an independent, full color newsletter about earth changes, prophecy, predictions, remote viewing, conspiracy theories, alternative news, angels, astrology, government cover-ups, financial redemption, economic and political forecasts, and much more!

Beginning in March of 1993, Sean needed a way to get his visions, thoughts, research and predictions out to the world. “I wanted a printed, verifiable record which would compliment and explain everything that I couldn’t say on the radio.” Sean says. “I wanted it to be ‘The Newsletter you have to have TODAY, because it tells you all about TOMORROW!’ A roadmap to the future that would offer visions, insights, investigations and strategy on how to not only survive, but THRIVE with all that is to come.”

Sean also wanted to act as a “Voice of Reason” and a counterpoint to all the “Doom and Gloom” voiced by so many others, and present the viewpoints of a coherent group of the world’s greatest intuitives, astrologers, philosophers and researchers on everything that is to come and all that “THEY” don’t want us to know.

And so the award winning DELPHI ASSOCIATES NEWSLETTER was born. THE most known gun safe of its kind in the WORLD! With more readers and subscribers than nearly all the other “New Age” publications combined! It has become a FORCE, and, in some cases, the best kept secret of the worlds of high finance, politics and the entertainment industry. Predicting the FUTURE since 1993, from Earth Changes such as earthquakes, fires, floods and hurricanes to swings in the global stock markets, presidential elections, TOP SECRET government programs and most importantly, how it all affects YOU and what YOU can do about it all!

Subscribers to the DELPHI ASSOCIATES NEWSLETTER have made fortunes in the stock and commodities markets in gold, silver, copper and oil futures.

No less than HENRY PAULSON, the former head of GOLDMAN/ SACHS and now SECRETARY of the US TREASURY has said, after booking record profits, “I LOVE this newsletter! I can’t believe Sean charges only $65 for it!”

If you subscribe to Sean’s incredibly accurate newsletter, you will get the greatest information about TOMORROW… ALL BEFORE IT HAPPENS! You will be the FIRST to know about:

  • PRODUCTS to buy that can assist your everyday living and security.
  • INVESTMENT STRATEGIES to keep you afloat during hard times.
  • Safe areas on earth that are havens from harm and will do well in times of global financial crisis.
  • WHERE TO LIVE what to do and how to thrive in the global changes about to unfold.

Want to make money in the Stock Market? Want to build the Spiritual Warrior within during the coming global meltdown. SUBSCRIBE NOW!

Your subscription will also include ongoing articles about meditation, spiritual tools, amazing stories and of course, the most reliable predictions and future analysis there is.

This is TRULY the NEWSLETTER YOU NEED TODAY to find out all about TOMORROW.

Only $65.00 for a 12-issue subscription

16-20 pages, full color (please note that the newsletter is by issues, not month as we occasionally need to skip a month due to travel, tours and expos.