5 Financial Predictions For 2018

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From all indication, 2018 is not going to be like every other year; not financially, at least. With a month gone already, we can safely forecast how the rest of the year will be. In this post, we take a look at some of the financial predictions you can look forward to in 2018.


Treasurer market investment will decline

This year, it is widely anticipated that the treasurer market is likely to decline. With many investors turning to riskier but more rewarding projects, the treasury market will receive less attention. Those banking on its safety will not see any reasonable reward at all.


Interest rates will be raised in big markets

The Federal Reserve Bank in the United States will definitely raise interest rate a couple of time and it is expected that some major central banks in Europe will do likewise.


Upward pressure on inflation will remain muted

In the developed world, the pattern of inflation has been affected by low rate of price increase in the developed markets and a surge in inflation in the emerging markets. This year, there will be gradual increase the inflation of developed economies as output gap continues to close.


The improved performance of the emerging world will be sustained

The external environment for many emerging economies continuous to improve and this performance is not expected to decline in 2018. Commodity prices continue to rise slowly and many developed economies have peaked development-wise.


Commodity prices will be volatile

Increase in commodity price will be range-bound, there is no good reason why it will go up quickly, but there is bound to be volatility.


There you have it! The above are a couple of financial predictions you can anticipate in 2018. However, this is not to get you scared. The aim is to ensure that you are well prepared in the event that something unexpected eventually happens